Importance Of Education In Early Childhood

Importance Of Education In Early Childhood Early childhood is considered to be the most important phase of development. Preschool education helps in developing their social, physical and emotional self, lack of early education and care will lead to effect child’s physical as well as mental state.Kids till the age of five

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Do Not Overreact To Lies

Do Not Overreact To Lies It is common for children of all ages to lie at some point in time as they grow. Children as small as 3-5 years old will make up stories and tell fantastic tales. As kids get older, they will lie to get out of trouble or

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Know How To Say ‘NO’ To Your Kids

Know How To Say ‘NO’ To Your Kids It can be difficult to say “No” to your kids. Kids will often try to manipulate or negotiate till they get what they want. Disciplining a child is very tough indeed. However, by not disciplining your child, and by being far too lenient

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Children – Focusing Abilities

Children – Focusing Abilities Some kids are born with focusing abilities but for some it is difficult or they feel bored, whether in studies or in any extra-curricular activities. To overcome this they can learn and engage in practices that help them in concentrating. As children are born learners, despite of

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Rewarding Little Ones For Good Behaviour

Rewarding Little Ones For Good Behaviour A reward is a result a child receives when he or she behaves well. It is a nice way of saying “well done” or “good job” when your child has behaved in a pleasing way. A reward could be in the form of saying something

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Unique Child Unique Potential

Unique Child Unique Potential Each child is unique and special. All children are gifted with a unique set of talents and potential, in which they may shine and excel. Every child is distinctly talented and no two children can or should be compared. They are blessed with their own special individuality.

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